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Well, we finally did it! Even though we’ve been creating WordPress plugins and themes for thousands of customers for a number of years now, we finally forced ourselves to take a timeout and put up our own website.

Why did it take so long? Frankly, there’s a reason we signed up as exclusive authors on Envato’s ThemeForest and CodeCanyon marketplaces all those years ago: we’re creators, not marketers.

“You do the creative, we’ll do the rest”; that was the promise of these marketplaces when we first started our journey. But with Envato’s change of direction in the last few years and the markets becoming more and more saturated, it is no longer enough to have a great product. Marketing is now also something the creatives need to handle on their own.

Being able to have a direct line of communication with you, our customers, is one of the ways we’re doing that. We’ll be using to notify you of product updates, discounts, freebies etc., but also to outline our future plans and product update road maps.

Over time, we’ll also add individual product pages for each of our products and revamp our demo sites. With over 25 items for sale however, we can’t do it all at once. For now, our full portfolios over at ThemeForest and CodeCanyon are still the best place to get fully acquainted with our lineup of products.