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TapTap v3.5 adds ‘smart header’ feature

With version 3.5, we decided to add yet another customer requested feature to the TapTap plugin: smart headers. It’s a modern navigation feature we see more and more of these days, and now TapTap has the feature as well and can be applied with just a single click from the settings.

What is the ‘smart header’ feature? If enabled, header elements automatically slide out of view when the user scrolls down the site. And when scrolled up, the header elements re-appear by sliding down, back into view. When the menu is open however, header elements stay put as expected.

To see a live example, open up demo #6 on TapTap’s demo site here. To read more about TapTap and purchase the widely touted #1 mobile menu for WordPress, visit its CodeCanyon item page here, where it is for sale exclusively.