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The Best WordPress Mobile Menus Available Anywhere: TapTap and Touchy

Here at Bonfire Themes, we take much pride in having created two of the absolute best mobile navigation plugins available for WordPress: TapTap and Touchy.

TapTap is unprecedented in the WordPress mobile navigation market.– TapTap customer

Simply put, TapTap and Touchy are the most feature-rich, versatile, customizable and customer-praised mobile menu plugins available for WordPress anywhere. And they’re constantly evolving as we continue to add new features through free updates.

Moving beyond being just simple menus, TapTap and Touchy can add a full-blown designed-for-the-small-screen navigation to your WordPress website, complete with the option to hide your existing theme menu. This can include a multi-level menu, logo placement, search function, widget locations for near-unlimited extendability, call and email buttons etc.

An amazing plugin that I have been looking for and needing for a very long time!– Touchy customer

There are also hundreds of customization options like full color control, multiple menu button styles, the ability to change font sizes and use your theme fonts, even control the speed of animations, as well as many other meaningful features like being able to display the menus only at specified resolutions, change positioning options and so, so much more!

Both plugins are designed and built so they wouldn’t feel like add-ons when added to your site. Instead, their customization options allow them to become an integrated part of your online presence.



PS! While TapTap and Touchy are customer favorites and our most frequently updated mobile navigation plugins, we also offer two other beautifully crafted and highly-rated mobile menus — Morph and Tactile — both of which also offer meaningful features and deep customization:



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