‘Canvas’ was designed to be a simple and straightforward WordPress plugin that allows you to display information and content in a dedicated, full screen area. It’s responsive all the way down to tablets and smartphones, ready for retina screens, and is a great addition to any theme. It’s super easy to set up and use, but don’t let the clean looks deceive you; the content you’ll display is in no way limited to a predetermined layout…

Freedom to create

Insert text, images, videos, forms etc. as you would into any post or page, then mix, match and format them however you’d like. You are only limited by the tools available in the WordPress editor and any theme add-ons and/or plugins you use on your site. If for example you use shortcodes with your theme, then those can of course be used as well.

For example, this highlighted text is created using a separate shortcode plugin. As are the two boxes below:

Green box with 80% width
Blue box with 40% width

Any other shortcodes (columns, tabs, you name it) will naturally work as well. So, it really is up to you how creative you want or need to get.

As of update 1.4, ‘Canvas’ also fully supports widgets, which can be shown in a single, two, or three columns. As is the rest of ‘Canvas’, the widgetized area is fully responsive as well; on smaller screens, the columns will be automatically moved underneath each other to make their content fully viewable.

Make it your own

‘Canvas’ makes use of the built-in WordPress customization tools, allowing you to make color customizations with literally just a few clicks. With unlimited colors at your disposal, you can change this entire area’s background color to anything you’d like, as well as the triangle button’s background color, the icon’s color, and also the icon’s mouseover effect color. In addition, you can replace the icon itself, with over 360 different ones to choose from.

Bottom line, you can make it as simple or complex as you’d like. ‘Canvas’ doesn’t get in your way.