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Mockup in detail: the all-mighty features list

In this post we’ll go over some of the more standout and unique features of Mockup. A comprehensive line-by-line features list awaits at the end of the post as well.

Layout variety
Mockup includes 3 blog index and 5 single post layouts (plus 4 page templates), all of which fall in line with the theme’s overall look and feel in order to offer a consistent experience. Overriding layouts per-post is also possible. Read more about the layouts here.

Unique comments area
Instead of simply tucking a standard comment form at the end of a post, Mockup gives comments their own area altogether. By separating the commenting area from the post itself, real importance is placed on reader feedback.

Mockup comes with a number of settings that let you fine-tune different elements of the theme. Whether it’s selecting layouts or changing the post font size, line height and content animation speed/distance to your liking, little changes can be made quickly and with ease. And we’re always listening for customer feedback..

Logo placement
The logo has two possible placements: the more standard header placement next to the menu button, or alternatively — for a cleaner look — inside the slide-out menu. This change can be made on the settings page with a single click. An easy to use logo uploader is included as well.

Featured story
Adding an optional featured story to the blog index header makes highlighting your greatest content a breeze. If you’d like to hide the area though, either temporarily or permanently, you can do so with a single click on the theme’s settings page.

Profile page
More than just a place for your latest posts, the Mockup author profile page can be personalized with per-author header background images and descriptions, as well as links to social presences. An example author page can be viewed here.

Mockup comes with a selection of shortcodes, all of which are highly customizable. You can have a detailed look at what they offer here.

Full-screen, touch-enabled gallery
Mockup supports the PhotoSwipe gallery plugin. PhotoSwipe uses WordPress’ own ‘Add media’ interface to insert galleries, which means you don’t have to learn a whole new UI just to add a quick gallery to a post. It also works great on all browsers and touch devices. You can have a look at an example gallery here.

Features list
To wrap up, here’s a handy list of Mockup’s features for all the list lovers out there (guilty as charged):

  • 3 front page (blog index) layouts (+ variations)
  • 5 single post layouts (+ variations)
  • 4 page templates
  • customizable profile page
  • extremely clean, well-defined, fully-responsive design
  • beautiful comment area
  • easy logo uploader enabled
  • multi-level fly-out menu
  • fine-tune content font-size/line-height + animations
  • (optional) integrated share buttons at the end of posts (Twitter, Facebook, Google+)
  • beautiful and subtle use of CSS3 and jQuery animations
  • widgetized footer + sidebar widgets on most single post layouts
  • full-screen & touch-enabled gallery (PhotoSwipe)
  • ready for translation/localization (.mo, .po files included)
  • ready-to-edit child theme included
  • tested on several browsers across multiple operating systems and devices (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera, iOS, Android)
  • a ton of extremely customizable shortcodes: alerts, progress bars, text highlighting, dividers, buttons, boxes etc. + shortcodes for YouTube, Vimeo, USTREAM, DailyMotion, + easy shortcode for placing content in columns (text, images, as well as video)
  • easy-to-understand documentation


While browsing around and getting acquainted with the theme, you’ll run into a number of beautiful images and artworks. Big thanks go out to the artists behind these pieces: Yuri Shwedoff, Matt Tkocz, Kenn Yap, Joshua Viers, Pablo Carpio Maraver, Robin Clarijs.

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